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Goodbyes are hard, specially when saying hello in the first place was so much fun.

This year I had to say goodbye to, the website that let you print your 2-D dolls at home.  I was hoping we could stay on-line forever but it was not to be.

I'm keeping my Tudy Talk blog, and will eventually post all my paper doll stuff here.  So stay tuned!

Thank you for being with me all these years!

Pinkalicious + Purplicious = 2 Tudylicious Must-Reads

PinkaliciousPurplicious (Pinkalicious)She's a girl after my own heart and if you're not careful, she just might capture your heart as well. Pinkalicious, as her name suggests, is totally into pink, pink cupcakes, and purple landscapes. And her colorful journey takes you into the wonderful, albeit challenging world of self-discovery. Too much of a good thing and you just might live to regret it (yes, there can actually be such a thing as painful Pinktitis!). Hang out with the "in" crowd and you just might miss "out" on the next best thing (... and end up with the lingering, boo-hoo blues!).

Pinkalicious and Purplicious are 2 great, read-aloud, picture books that'll help chase the winter blahs away. Read 'em once, twice, or a hundred times - the prose just keeps getting better. And the best part? "Pink-a-boo!" these girly-girl, Pinkarella books actually appeal to little boys as well. (Suprise! Suprise!)

So sharpen your crayons. Brush up on that color wheel. Do as Pinkalicious does! Discover your primaries: the reds, greens, and blues. Then branch out and paint your palette with all the fun colors in-between. Who knows? You just might discover your real hue.

And frankly, I never met a hue I didn't like...

Tudy's To Do for the New Year!

Hats Off to a New Year!  And a New You! Whether it's a new fashion style or brighter attitude, we all need a make-over . So what better time than the New Year!

But don't over do it! The best way to keep resolutions is to stick to one or two. Like I always say: keep it real and simple! That's a Tudy Truism that never goes out of style!

Twelve Marks of Christmas!

Bookmarks, that is!  Just in time for all those Kris Kringle and Secret Santa games, I'm bringing back 12 of my all-time fave bookmarks

Download the images, print on card stock, laminate with contact paper, cut out (be careful!), punch a hole on top, then add ribbons and beads and anything else you please!  Use them as give-aways, gifts and stocking stuffers! And treat yourself to your fave as well!

'Tis My Tudy Tidings Treat To You!

A Tudy Truism

No matter how you wear it,

or word it,
saying, "Thanks!" will always be in style!

Happy Thanksgiving to One and All!

Best Witches

!I visit the web but once a year.
When I do, green spiders! appear.
I'm Tudy, The Witch!! I'm crafty! Oh dear!
!Will you see me soon?
Log on same site next year.!

Happy Halloween!!

(Download Tudy's witch hat! for more halloween fun!!)

Back To School Cool


It's the call of the 3 Rs: Reading, (w)Riting, and (a)Rithmetic and all across the world, school's on.

Of course, there's always major angst that first day. Are you kidding me?  New teachers, classrooms, subjects, lockers, and for some, even a new school to navigate! Sure everyone's slightly nervous. But then, here come the old, familiar faces. Just catching up with old friends becomes a year-long social "to-do". And school's fun again!

So here's Tudy's Back-to-School Basics to help you ace the new school year:

Always prepare your backpack or school bag the night before.  Always!  Whether it's the first day, the 100th day, or the last day of school, doing so will keep your mornings ( and Mom's! ) zen-like.  Ooommmm!!!

Be a writer. Write things down. Write notes to yourself to remind you of names, places, and deadlines. Texting can only get you so far.  Your assignment notebook is your life-line. Use it!

Carry healthy snacks. Stir clear of sugar packed candy bars.  Fresh fruit, vegetables, and protein bars will keep you energized when days are long and those prime numbers ( you know they're infinite, right??? ) are slowing you down ....

Do you Sudoku?  Bring puzzle books and magazines to help pass the time on bus rides or between subjects.  Plus a little brain flexing always helps!

Wear a watch. Go ahead, make it your fashion "must-have".  Time management is a life-long skill and no other accessory helps manage your day!  Remember: you snooze, you loose! There's a big difference between a lunch break that starts at 11:45 and one that starts at 12 noon. Be on time!

And lastly, Zero in on that new face. Be the first to say "hello" to the new kid in school. First impressions make lasting connections.  Who knows? You just might make a new BFF!

So here's to school! Stay focused. Stay cool. And that's a Tudy Rule!

Best for Last?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1It's the final movie of the Harry Potter saga and although I haven't watched it yet, already I'm feeling forlorn!

But wait!  J.K. Rowling's Pottermore promises to give us more wizarding magic!  So re-read the books, watch the DVDs, watch the latest movie and register on Pottermore!  Like magic, I think Harry Potter will be with us evermore!

Lost and Found (Not)

The Heroes of Olympus, Book One: The Lost HeroHe's baaaack!  Unfortunately, he's lost!  Percy Jackson, that is.  But that's not to say that Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero leaves us looking for something more.  Because as sequels go, this has everything we love!

The Lost Hero is the first book of the Heroes of Olympus series and already I can't wait to read book 2!  There's lots of the humor, adventure and Greek myths that made the first series so olympian, but there's more!  Now we get to see how the Greek gods morphed into Roman ones.  Mythology heaven, literally!

So, TudyGreeks, get lost in The Lost Hero and you'll find yourself asking for more!

What's the Buzzz...

If "Horton Hears A Who" then I hear it too!

Everyday is Earth Day, so here's another eco-friendly,Tudy Tip dedicated to the littlest farmers out there: the humble, ever-so-busy, honey bee!  Plant a strawberry bush (real simple and easy to grow!) or a cherry or pear tree. The bees will do the rest and help pollinate your garden.  Then buzz onto Help the honey bees!  Mind your beeswax and learn more about these fascinating insects.  (Oh, and dress up a honey bee for me too! Imagine that!!!)  Get bee-sy, honey!

Earth Hour!

This March 26, Saturday, wherever in the world you may be, from 8:30 p.m to 9:30 p.m., switch off all your lights and join Earth Hour.  This wonderful movement started in 2009 and was an illuminating success!  So be part of it again this year.  It's easy - all you have to do is turn off that switch!  I'm sharing with all of you a Truly Tudy Lantern I made for Earth Hour.  It's a symbol of hope and light and all things heart-felt!  Make your own and pass it around!  And check out what other amazing things you can learn and do for Earth Hour!


Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores"Most of the time, Dolores, and her sister, Faye, got along just fine."

But when Dolores breaks her promise to Faye to "never, ever" borrow anything from her sister's dresser (OMG... like that is sooo possible! Which is why I share everything in my closet!!!), things start spinning out of control! And all because of an adorable, froggie necklace! In matters of the heart Y, can sisterhood prevail?

This Valentine, curl up to this tale of two sisters (and one totally clueless cat). Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores is all about the hilarious trials and triumphs of sisterhood. How can two sisters be so alike and yet so separate and distinct, you ask? It’s all part of a charmed life, I guess.

Penned by famed novelist, Barbara Samuels, and peppered with whimsical heart Y art throughout, Happy Valentine’s Day, Dolores will have you (and your sisters!) loving out loud! So forget The Necklace. Forget The Frog Prince. Forget The Boy from Paris (Texas, that is!). This book is Tudy's charmed classic for this season of hearts Y!