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Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores"Most of the time, Dolores, and her sister, Faye, got along just fine."

But when Dolores breaks her promise to Faye to "never, ever" borrow anything from her sister's dresser (OMG... like that is sooo possible! Which is why I share everything in my closet!!!), things start spinning out of control! And all because of an adorable, froggie necklace! In matters of the heart Y, can sisterhood prevail?

This Valentine, curl up to this tale of two sisters (and one totally clueless cat). Happy Valentine's Day, Dolores is all about the hilarious trials and triumphs of sisterhood. How can two sisters be so alike and yet so separate and distinct, you ask? It’s all part of a charmed life, I guess.

Penned by famed novelist, Barbara Samuels, and peppered with whimsical heart Y art throughout, Happy Valentine’s Day, Dolores will have you (and your sisters!) loving out loud! So forget The Necklace. Forget The Frog Prince. Forget The Boy from Paris (Texas, that is!). This book is Tudy's charmed classic for this season of hearts Y!


  1. hi, tudy, my name is bonnie. i think ur cute. you can be in my valentine list if i'm in yours xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. helloooooo!!!! sisters r cool. it's brothers that drives me crazy!!! u w/ me?

  3. you can have my little sister and!