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Pinkalicious + Purplicious = 2 Tudylicious Must-Reads

PinkaliciousPurplicious (Pinkalicious)She's a girl after my own heart and if you're not careful, she just might capture your heart as well. Pinkalicious, as her name suggests, is totally into pink, pink cupcakes, and purple landscapes. And her colorful journey takes you into the wonderful, albeit challenging world of self-discovery. Too much of a good thing and you just might live to regret it (yes, there can actually be such a thing as painful Pinktitis!). Hang out with the "in" crowd and you just might miss "out" on the next best thing (... and end up with the lingering, boo-hoo blues!).

Pinkalicious and Purplicious are 2 great, read-aloud, picture books that'll help chase the winter blahs away. Read 'em once, twice, or a hundred times - the prose just keeps getting better. And the best part? "Pink-a-boo!" these girly-girl, Pinkarella books actually appeal to little boys as well. (Suprise! Suprise!)

So sharpen your crayons. Brush up on that color wheel. Do as Pinkalicious does! Discover your primaries: the reds, greens, and blues. Then branch out and paint your palette with all the fun colors in-between. Who knows? You just might discover your real hue.

And frankly, I never met a hue I didn't like...


  1. hi, u like black? i think black is a really cool color. my friends don't like black. do u think black is scary?
    ... maureen

  2. Hi, Maureen. I LOVE black! Its the best basic color and on its own, its very dramatic! And I don't think black is scary at all. Maybe elegant, regal, or serious but not scary!